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(TFT)Sorry Mr. Kauffman

I have YET to figure what was ment by an Economic equlibrium system. Whatever it was they balanced they forgot to tie the unit of currency to something (ANYTHING) of value. Don't take me at my word? Behold...

Dagger*; Dam 1-1; ST _; cost $10; Wt 0.1

Great Sword+; Dam 3+1; ST 16; cost $150; Wt 7

The smart PC here buys Great Swords @ $150/Wt 7 and makes 70 Daggers @ $10/Wt 0.1 for a profit of $550.

The economic system here is @#$&ed and requires a TOTAL rewrite. I can't IMAGINE the holes BEFORE Mr. Kauffman got ahold of it.


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