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(TFT)What happend to the Mnoren?

Robert A. Heinlein
October 21, 1907 -  May 8, 1988

The Number of the Beast-- (ca. 1976, unpublished) 


   Okay why all the sudden posts and where is this all leading? Well to tell you THAT story, I'm gonna have to tell you THIS story.

   It was a cold, wet, and windy Wendsday out here on the left coast. I had made my way down to the local watering hole and was nursing my second beer when the oddest chap walked in. To this day I can't describe the gentelman at all except to say he had an air of antique elagance about him. I can't recall his height, build, eye or hair colour, nor anything he wore. I have only that warm kinda memory associated with a stimulateing evening in the pressence of good company. I DO remember the conversation however, at least the part that mattered to me. You see somehow the conversation wraped around to RPGs' and you get me talkin games and it's gonna go to TFT pretty quick. Me, having a bit of a buzz I decide to toss out the Mnoren bit, 

'what do YOU think happend to them?'.

'They left' he said, very matter of factly.

'How can you be so sure?' says I, a bit incredulus at the finallity of the response.

'First they were found and then they found something.' he answered with authority.

At this point I ordered another round. After the barkeep fetched us fresh pints I had managed to formulate my next insightful question,

'Do what?' I wittily queried.

'It was your world that did it actually, first Steve Jackson idenified the Mnoren presence here and published the fact in 1977. Mnoren (in general) don't prefer to be public. There's always some yahoo that's got to give it a try so to speak, so it's best not to advertise. A bit more that a year later he did it.'

'Who? Who did what?'

'Why the greatest writer to ever apper on the 371 immages.'

'Huh?' I could tell my witty reparte was intreguing him.

'Have you not heard of Robert A. Heinlein?' he asked, raising an eyebrow.


'Have you read "The Number of the Beast"?' he asked?

'Umm, the time travel one?'

'Not simplly "time travel" but travel between spectulative worlds.'

'Ahhhhh, I get it!' I said, not getting it at all.

His eyes got a far away look, 'We were so wraped up in the alternate earths that we never even considered the possability of travel to fantasy worlds...' he sighed.

His voice trailed off at this point and I called for another round. Determined to argue I brought to bear my best arguments as to the impossability of a Cidri only to be rebuffed with a possable solution time and again. Heavy metal gravity tugs to hold the thing together and warm it via radiation from the inside, white dwarfs in sequince orbiting to give 12hr day/night cycle, electiptical orbits help simulate seasons... just a whole bunch of stuff we were discussing but a thought suddenly (some may say finally) struck me...

'Woah, woah, WOAH!', says I, 'Just a while back.... back... you know, back a few minunets ago.... did you sa WE?'

'Excuse me?' he asked, a bit startled.

'I'm pretty sure that YOU just sa.....i.......d....w

I don't quite know how I made it home that evening but maybe he didn't take into account HOW into TFT I was. Maybe that's why I can still dream about that conversation. Maybe that's why I can still remember?


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