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Re: (TFT) Joe Average "Greg Thorne"

On Thu, July 26, 2007 3:59 am, Jay Carlisle wrote:
> The potion asks for weight here. I've got a whole bit on relative sizeing
> that I'll try to get posted but what if we gave all the elves somekind of
> whateverthehell that bug is that makes your nails grow in thick? Would
> that mater for the potion?

I've got my evulsed toenail (I know, more info than anyone wants, but I
can't resist), but no scale sensitive enough to weigh it on hand. But
that's a big toenail anyway, and I'm not going to rip out my smaller
toenails to weigh them or time their regrowth (I know, the group is
disappointed at my lack of gusto).

I think health conditions that stimulate toenail growth would produce
satisfactory toenails, but I don't remember after I paid the Wizard's
Guild to erase my Alchemy talent to I could re-apply those IQ points to
other talents.

Maybe elves prefer a gelatin-rich diet...

>> 3. I don't remember anyone ever using a Telekinesis potion.
> I hear you. But aint it cool to have the option already covered?

Yes, it is. And, I didn't say I couldn't think of many good uses for one.

> There are some clues to the population of the southern regions of Elyntian
> in that Gazette article... This needs to be it's own post. I also noticed
> some Gamelord disscussion last month so this analysis should be aprapo.

Having built so much around that map, I'd be really interested to see what
other info was published.
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