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Re: (TFT) Joe Average "Greg Thorne"

---- Jay Carlisle <selfinflicted_wounds@boardermail.com> wrote: 

Jay gave the table of random racial generation for a PC.  This is
important -- its for a PC.   It does not necessarily follow that the
PC racial generation table reflects the population of Cidri.

> Now I assume that this distribution is in a unidientified 
>"standard" urban aera. Allow me to quote the following...

I think thats the second misconception.  Again, there is no
reason why you can't have local areas with an over or under
representation of races.  Not all urban areas are created 
equal.  For example, I wouldn't expect to find a significant 
population of elves, orcs or giants in a dwarven city.

> Telekinesis: ... Requires 5 kilos elves' toenails  (32$/kilo) ...
> so we get 1 Telekinesis potion every 3 years out of the elves of Dranning.

Um, it says toenails.  NOT toenail clippings ...

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