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Re: (TFT) Joe Average "Childhood"


 this hits on experience and strength, (and yes I know I can't spell OR puncuate ;}, but they still don't have the left coast beach wired for fiber-optic and I have to bum this comp time just to spew this junk out so sorry for the sloppy...)

 Oooookaay now that I've got that stream of consciousness out of the way take a look at this...

0pt char. = sperm/egg

1-2pt char. = premie (1st pt MUST be in STR)

3pt char. = infant (STR1, DX1, IQ1)

6pt char. = 1yr old

9pt char. = 2yr old

12pt char. = 3yr old

15pt char. = 4yr old

17pt char. = 5yr old

18pt char. = 6yr old

19pt char. = 7yr old

... and blah, blah, blah until 

32pt char. = 20yr old

 May I quote here?


"You may assume that a character is 20 years old when he enters play."

Well isn't THAT intresting? And Joes' most formative years are between the ages of 1 and 5. Sounds familar...

Next we gotta age Joe but via this NO player is special over the peons.

Are y'all gonna get this?

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