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Re: (TFT) Joe Average "lifetime"

Okay, may I quote?


 "Since 10 is the human 'average' for EACH atttibute, a beginning ITL chyaracter is slightly better than your  run-of-the-mill individual."

 Yet I've just shown a reasonable progression via age to get "anyBODY" i.e Joe Average, to 32pts. 
 Remember please that we have yet to define each attribute via 1 statstic point, those are seprate posts, what we are concerned with here is the birth to death via old age of a Joe Average as given by the Books. (ITL, AW, AM) {wow I suddenly love the HELL outta the word via huh?}

 Anyelseways we'll set Joe as a 30pt char. @ 20yrs old and age him as follows. 

Joe works 30yrs as a farmhand @ 3/18 on the job table. (I realize this is an issue an I will address it thusly. Even a Cook [Town Laborer] has a chance of getting a great tip, or a Farmhand can get caught with the farmers daughter (-2 from save roll if offending player can tell an AMUSING farmers daughter joke off the cuff) ergo I set the min job risk @ 3/18) All else aside, like seasonal work issues and such, Joe gets about 1500 weeks of work and on average will either succeed or fail every other year. So on average he'll get 15 possable success/fails and I'm gonna make another arbatrary decision here and round up for Joe makeing him hit 50 (and ageing) as a 38pt char.

 Bearing in mind that every other year factor for the success/fail thing this is what follows...

"Age 50-70: Loose 1 attribute point per year. Attributes may still be increased by experience. Points lost through age may be taken from any attribute."

 This is what follows...

@ 51 Joe (38pts) looses 1pt to age and equals 37pts.

@ 52 Joe fails a roll (F) and drops to 36pts.

@ 53 Joe = 35pts.

@ 54 Joe succeds a roll and stays 35pts.

 so the long and short of this progression puts Joe @ 23pt char. when he's 70. Via aging rules after 70 Joe's dead by 81. This progression seems reasionable for Humans.

Just the least tad more on aging in the next one and then I'll try attributes...

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