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Re: (TFT) Joe Average "Greg Thorne"

Nice post Jay. I really appreciate GM's who try to understand how things
make sense, add up, etc. A few comments:

1. I would never assume that the random PC tables have anything to do with
any population distribution anywhere. It's just ad ad hoc way to roll up a
character with fewer decisions. Just as 1/3 of all characters using those
tables is a Wizard...

2. I lost a complete big toenail at the end of last October. It took about
six months to grow back. It's about 5/8 inch long, and the first 1/4 inch
grew in about double thickness. Maybe elves grow nails faster or slower,

3. I don't remember anyone ever using a Telekinesis potion.

4. I wonder about the accuracy of the (nonexistant?) Elyntian census. The
claims about the former population of Winterhome are pretty impressive,

5. I ran a long and huge campaign built around the Dran map, where some
facts were figured out in advance, but many had to be extrapolated and/or
revised later. Judging from the amount of idle youths with fighting
talents and liberty to roam around making trouble and getting killed, I
figured there had to be a goodly population in the countryside as well as
more people in the cities than was thought in the map notes in ITL.
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