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(TFT) Joe Average "Greg Thorne"

Hi Greg.
   Your post on "Average characters" couldn't have been more timely. I've been working on just this type of thing. My thoughts will end up following in a series of several posts (or mayhaps it'll end up on da Wiki if'n i'z allowed...) anywho here's what can be said bout your average group of citizens of Cidri based off of the 3 books.
First and foremost we need to be VERY precisise about our definitions of our attributes. These defintions will be given, each stastic in it's own post ASAP but for now we (I) want to talk about the population in general, so, and I quote....



RACE - roll 3 dice.

3 - Giant
4,5 - Elf
6,7 - Goblin
8,9 - Dwarf
10,11,12 - Human
13,14 - Orc
15,16 - Halfling
17 - Gargoyle
18 - Reptile Man


Without a math lecture here, (and I SUCK at math so just like anything else I say don't listen to me), the racial distribution for Cidri should rough out as follows...

Giants 0.5%
Reptile Men 0.5%
Gargoyles 1.3%
Elves 4%
Halflings 7.3%
Goblins 11.6%
Orcs 16.6%
Dwarves 21.25%
Humans 36.5%

Now I assume that this distribution is in a unidientified "standard" urban aera. Allow me to quote the following...


 "The party may start the game at any one of the towns or villages shown on the map. (however) ... ,it would be best to have the players create their characters in the large city of Dranning, ..."

CIDRI GAZETTE (I assume this was in the Space Gamer but have no additional information) "PLACES IN CIDRI" pg. 5

Dranning: A lively city with a population of 15,000 or so souls, 75% Human with elvish and dwarvish quarters. Due to the presence of significant numbers of their enemies, orcs and goblins are scarse here...

The first quote serves to 'back up' my urban area statement and the second shows that an average distribution is rarely localized. By this I mean that the average distribution would be something like...

For 100 Cidrites

there is 1 Giant for every 200

there is 1 Reptile Man for every 200

there are 4 Gargoyles for every 300

there are 4 Elves

there are 22 Halflings for every 300

there are 35 Goblins for every 300

there are 50 Orcs for every 300

there are 85 Dwarfs for every 400

there are 73 Humans for every 200

2 of these people ("... will have some small ability with magic." TFT AW pg. 3) and be able to aprentice or become an alchemist.

there is one Wizard for every 300 of these people

about 35 of these people will be children
(this assumes Human gestation rates under irragation agraculture. Needless to say this is a guesstamation)

about 13 of these people will be 60+ years of age
(see above note)

at LEAST 60 of these people MUST be pesants/slaves/peons etc.

about 40 of these people are available for secondary (value added) and teritary work. This is the grouping where Player Characters MAINLY emerge from.

As to the last two reprenstations the Encyclopedia Britannica states that...
"Under the conditions of prescientific agriculture, in a GOOD harvest year, six people can produce barely enough food for themselves and four others."

I'll assume Dranning is susposed to have 15,000+ population and not 9,000 (40% of 15,000), which means a rural population of about 25,000. (this is more like 65%/35% but gives a safety margin for bad harvest, etc.) so Dranning is about 40,000 souls in urban and supporting rural population. So useing the assumed average distribution and combineing this with the info provided for Dranning in the Gazette we get something like this.

20% Dwarf (3,000 pop) roughly distribution average
5% Elf (750 pop) same as dwarf
75% Human (11,250 pop) over twice human average
 and of course a spattering of others...

This demographic is intresting in several ways. This information is useful for mustering military units, taxation, production, disease, and research to mention a few that need their own posts but I can also fit some really strange but significant odd facts in with just the info as provided so far. For example.

According to the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS 1981 ANATOMY pg.37 (It's silly for a serious RPG'er NOT to have an ALMANIC and GUINNESS, these references are GOLD for this kinda crap) Human nails normally grow from cuticle to cutting length in from 117 to 138 days. 

I use that as follows...

my nails are about 1/2in each (my big toe is bigger than my pinkie but they seem to average.) and 1/4in of my nail clippings are about 1/25 of a gram on my twin beam scale. Now about 122 days is 1/3rd of a year so I assume 1.5in nail growth per year per nail or 15in per year for ten digits. This is about 2.4g per elf or about 1800 grams of nails per year for the elves of Dranning.

Telekinesis: ... Requires 5 kilos elves' toenails  (32$/kilo) ...

so we get 1 Telekinesis potion every 3 years out of the elves of Dranning.

This stuff is important because if we're ever gonna build things rather than destroy things with these silly games then we will eventually need a workforce of NPC's and we better understand how to use and care for them if we want to get the max from them.

The next one will show a method of "growing" Joe/Janes' or an ageing progression via the ageing rules...

Jay Carlisle
Copr. July 2007 Jay Carlisle, GOMANDI Games r.r.

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