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(TFT) attributes INT

Sorry for the mispost fellas, I got ALOT to get out and no time to 
do it. My Bag.

The following is from work done by Dr. Harry F. Harlow, Professor 
of Psychology @ the University of Wisconsin @ Madison circa 1990. 
The catergories are his, the numbers are mine. 

0 = Rocks (this is it's own post)

1 = Animals without backbones
    can learn very little. Some can be trained to avoid dangerous 
places and go to safe places.

2 = Fish
    Many fishes have colour vision. They can be taught to swim 
toward some colours and avoid others. Some, such as the salmon, can 
remember odors for as long as several years.

3 = Amphibians and reptiles
    are dificult to test. Many can solve problems in which they 
choose pathways leading to food.

4 = Birds
    such as the raven and the pidgon can solve simple counting 
problems. Parrots and many other birds have great ability to 
imitate and to remember sounds.

5 = Rodents
    generally can solve problems in finding their way through 
complicated pathways. They also can tell one shape from another. 
The squirrel is the brightest rodent.

6 = Hoofed animals
    The elephant and the horse respond remarkably well to commands 
and signals. But the pig is the best problem solver among the 
hoofed animals.

7 = Flesh-eating mammals
    The cat and dog show learning ability as good as, or better 
than, all animals except apes, monkeys, and ocean mammals. Few 
other flesh-eating mammals have been tested, but bears, lions, 
tigers, and wolves probably can learn as rapidly as cats or dogs.

8 = Ocean mammals
    such as the dolphin and the whale, have brains much like those 
of human beings. The bottle-nosed dolphin is the most intelligent 
animal that lives in the water.

9 = Apes and monkeys
    show more learning ability than any of the other animals.

bear in mind...

TFT ITL pg. 9
"Intelligence means diffrent things when applied to human-types and 
animals. A very smart dog and a Hobgoblin may both have IQ 7, but 
that doesn't mean they have the same KIND of intelligence."

These catergories seem to jibe fairly well with what's written.

I also think a character with a 20 IQ should study twice as fast as 
a character with a 10 IQ (6 weeks per pt instead of 3 months) but I 
know better than to think...

more in a bit...


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