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(TFT) attributes DEX

Y'all are just gonna HATE this (and I ain't even too STR yet).

The DEX roll is the standard determinate in TFT. So I choose to look at the dice.

some formulas;

d = # of dice rolled for check
average roll = d * 3.5
minimum roll = d
maximum roll = d * 6
maximum roll = critical fail
d = critical success
(d * 3) - 4 = automatic success range
(d * 4) + 4 = automatic fail range
(d * 6) - (d - 1) = total # of possable rolls
100/(d * 6) - (d - 1) = %chance of throwing minimum roll

based off the above it can be shown that a beginning char. @ 8/8/8 & 8 can BEGIN the game able to succeed at a 5d check almost 50% of the time.

now another intresting tidbit; 4d6-4 gives the range 0 - 20. There's your d20 without the funny shaped dice. 

may I quote?


"... and like everyone else who tried an early version of D&D I wanted to make some changes. The polyhedral dice were irritating - but the biggest problem was combat... ...So I did something about it."

The main factor to remember for these checks is the average roll. When a stat equals the average roll the char. is at roughly 50/50 without modifiers.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to advocate 4d6 checks in combat and the like.

I know.... I know....


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