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Re: (TFT) attributes DEX

> based off the above it can be shown that a beginning char. @ 8/8/8 & 8 can
> BEGIN the game able to succeed at a 5d check almost 50% of the time.

You mean a ST 8, DX 16, IQ 8 character? Ok. What's your point?

> now another intresting tidbit; 4d6-4 gives the range 0 - 20. There's your
> d20 without the funny shaped dice.

No, a d20 has 20 possible results (1-20 or 0-19, depending on what you say
0 means), with the same chance of each value.

4d6-4 has 21 possible results, with a bell-curve distribution, where each
end value has only a 1/1296 chance of occurring (not 1/20). Very

> I'm afraid I'm going to have to advocate 4d6 checks in combat and the
> like.

For what reason? If you want to preserve 10 as the 50% point, you'll want
5d6-7, or even 5d6 with special numbering so it does the -7 for you. ;-)

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