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RE: (TFT) Law

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> From: "David Michael Grouchy II" 
> > http://www.earlham.edu/~peters/nomic.htm
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>       Interesting find Jay.  I remember working on my own TFT version of the
> ''metagame'' where you could attack the movement system and other rules.  The
> language came out with things like "I attack to destroy the spell shield
> spell.'', and "I defend the Movement system."
> David Michael Grouchy II

Ah killing the rules!
-1 COSMEL = small letter o in a book.

After finishing the last Potter my thoughts have geled on magic books/items. (What is an aprentices 'tool kit' {weekly spells}? Just Aid?)

Anyway if Law can be reperesented as a game in which changing the rules is a move, then I can define who gets to play by how I describe the socity the players are imersed in. Elective governments tend to have many law writers, a despot IS the law.

It's not my business to describe a legal system beyond calling for the exact description of said system and a full acounting of it's members. This allows tactics like New Follower.

If the players wanna be all democratic and have elections then let them figure out how to do it. If there wern't elections in the area before then I know whos gonna suffer come downtime and what they'll likely do about it.

If you describe your area in detail then the dynamics drive themselves.


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