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Re: (TFT) New Weapons and Armor Reference sheet

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> From: "David O. Miller" <davidomiller@verizon.net>
> Just to let everyone know I've just placed an updated TFT Weapons 
> and Armor Reference sheet on my tribute web site. Here's the link:
> http://www.meleewizards.com/playaids.html
> Hope some of you can make use of it.
> --David O. Miller


By the way...
I've actually spilt pigs blood (butcher shop) and find that a pint makes really nearly a 1.3m diameter pool.
(Pig hearts with a 'fill up' do very intresting things on an Aztec calender but that's another story)
Joe Average (healthy) has his body weight / 13 in pints of blood. Loss of half the bodys blood is often fatal.


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