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Re: (TFT) Wiki TFT Basics

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> From: "Cris Fuhrman" <fuhrmanator@gmail.com>
> Hi Jay,
> The point of Wiki is you don't need consensus to write the first draft.
> Consensus establishes itself; the feedback is given in the Wiki through the
> living pages, one can add more or make changes. You should see the drama
> that takes place on the Wikipedia pages (read the history of any page and
> look at the comments).

And we'er back to killing the rules...


Oh hi Cris!

Okay Coffee,

So very many ideas floating around out there.

On the drama of editing Wiki pages, yeah, I've been checking up.

I think it was "Vision Quest"
M. Modine had a line asking his coach if he thought 50,000,000 
people could ever be wrong.
"Frequently" was the reply.

As to 'first draft' and issues of consensus. Well I look to the 
list "Veterans" to slap me down if I'm onto something that's 
already been put to rest in previous discussion at some point on 
the list.
Stuff like that.

I'm still trying to catch up on the CRT stuff. In my on-going 
conversation with the Universe I've had a Computer, Kitten, Gutar 
and a BOATLOAD of old games land in my lap within a week of each 

Weirdness abounds!

Let's just say in "MY" world killing the game is very deep magic indeed. Only Mnoren practice the sport and even then only useing Universes created for the purpose. It wasn't always this way. Killing the game was the next 'logical' step for those who played the death game. This 'New' game however could not be ignored the way the more sober among them chose not to participate in the assassans game.

Aw, you get the picture...
No point in playing Mnoren when we haven't even had a good war yet.


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