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(TFT) more Scale

How interesting.

I'll not bore you with specific details at the moment.

Suffice to say, compatibility issues regin at the moment.
All my 3 1/4s come up 'write protected', my parallel and null attempts aint what I recall either.  Did I cross the correct pins on the serial cable I wonder.
Yep, Jay is proving incompatible with XP...

   never mind, I figure it out in the long run.

Okay I'm thinking that it might go something like this.

In TFT we are acting a physical scale of 1:1.3m sts per unit/hex at a time scale of 5 sec per unit/turn.
Five seconds is quite a bit of time in a fight. I think (?) we all agree that at this scale we are not talking about a 'blow by blow' description of the combat but rather we seem to be modeling the probabilities of one or more blows getting through the defenses of an opponent over the course of that time.
It would seem to me that this time scale is pertinent to the issues I've been seeing concerning Engagement.
I'd read it this way.
Engagement is the assumption that when in obvious threat from an opponent a figure will act in such a way as to protect itself. (Running low from arrows, circling, etc.)
Also of note is that a figure with running, moving at top speed, should be able to cover between 35 to 40 hexes in 5 seconds or 7ish hexes per second. (Donovan Bailey 50m 5.56sec so I call it 10m per second and divide by 1.3 ja?)

This is what prevents the traditional type of throw together new 'party' from all being constantly Engaged with each other. They joined a group/unit. 
A figure that actively moves to defend itself (from the pickpocket thief perhaps) automatically starts Engagement.

Action time is the inverse of a turn. If you REALLY want a 'blow by blow' description of a fight, or more reasonably focus more intently on a particular turn, then this'll do it.

So I suppose that makes the Log of the turn from a damage standpoint the CRT.

Players HATE having their figures subsumed by statistics...
On the other hand, this is good news in my glorious/insane vision to unite all CyberBoards to TFT so I can duck the whole deal COMPLETELY!

So how do you make a Map of alternate worlds? Time Bandits style? How many sides does Amber have?

Anywho, back to questions of Scale.

Generally when scaling up the turn the lower increments of time (minuets, hours) get used for CRT style combat. Middle spans of time (days, weeks) get used for travel, and long periods are passed with Downtime.

Now who gets to control the Scale?

Imho I would say that traditionally the FM would be assumed to have this power.

I think that the ability to choose the Scale at which events play out is the exact thing that defines a "Player Character" from NPC, Monster, etc.

Would this be a talent?

Anyway ITL shows,
pg. 31, E. GAME TIME

Based some of what I've said above, what do y'all think about about the merits of a revisit/rewrite here? An unarmored figure only gets 4 hexes every 5 seconds? That's like a 7 1/2 + second forty.
"I" can do that and "I'M" almost forty!

Oh well, let's see if we can spell-check this thing before I send it...


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