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(TFT) Mass Combat Rules, Charts and Play Aides

I just updated my web site once again, this time I've added a downloadable, 14 page booklet of my Mass Combat Rules, Charts and Play Aides. Many of you might remember this from my previous web site. I went back into it and updated it somewhat as well as cleaned up some of the problems that I had with it. Minor changes but it affected pretty much every page. Here's the link and also the paragraph from my web site about mass combats. As always feedback is welcome.


For many years I have enjoyed some of my best games of Melee/Wizards when it is played not as a role-playing game but as a mass combat game. Over the years my various gaming groups have fine tuned the way we choose and create characters, how we equip them, and even the character sheets to record them on, all to make game play easier. I'm offering those rules here for you to download. You'll find 14 pages of charts, rules options and character sheets, both for fighters and wizards. You'll also find new rules variants to make playing mass combats easier as well as a list of character types and the rules to create them so each team has the same amount of points. If you've never tried Melee/Wizards this way you should give it a shot. Before you know it you'll have 7 hex dragons battling trolls and giants while great strength characters go into battle wielding two greatswords one handed! It's Melee like you've never played it before!
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