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Re: (TFT) Harry Potter in TFT

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> From: "Greg Thorne" <Greg.Thorne@sas.com>

> A thoroughly useless activity, but I thought I might see which spells in
> Harry Potter correspond to the spells in Harry Potter.  I know that I am
> inviting endless speculation and comment on how the spells are
> different, but here it goes anyway.

<Major Snip>

> There are a lot more spells in Harry Potter that are so specific, that
> they have nothing similar in TFT.
> -Greg Thorne

Okay I finally got the last book Tue. so I was done Wen. morning. I didn't wanna catach any spoilers here so I'd been avoiding reading this one.

The spell match-ups are fabulious, but I'm curious about that list with no real analogues?

Anyway THANKS!


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