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Re: (TFT) The Wiki --> who is this rsmith?

Hi Jay,
  Actually I have used a couple of email accounts 
over the years and I think that rsmith IS rick smith.

  As for your style, the stream of consciousness /
sentence fragments style you use I find hard to read
so I often just skim your posts.  That is just me 

  Warm regards, Rick

On Sun, 2007-04-11 at 02:17 +0800, Jay Carlisle wrote:
> > ----- Original Message -----
> > From: "Jay Carlisle" 

> Okay I got it sused.
> If anybody dosn't like the edits I'm putting up, (I'm crawling the webring as I type) then please let me know. I mean permissions and the like, if you don't like what I'm saying block me and if you don't like how I say it then fix it. 
> Else if I am more concerned in getting content ON the Wiki right now than I am with 'purttyin the thing up'.
> I am also QUITE concerned with giving the proper credit for matereal. If I get something wrong PLEASE don't get upset or offended. There's getting on tword a decade of materal on the List alone. I mean, I just realised rsmith isn't Rick Smith last night. DOAH!
> So a little mercy in y'alls judgements at first huh?
> Jay
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