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Re: (TFT) Libri Atrum Senior Opus Vox

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> From: "Jay Carlisle" > 
> Mr. Jackson also menntions that a "Page" (one side only, can't have 
> it both ways) weighs .03kg (.12kg per signature) and bindings are 
> figured at .5 to 1kg or more.
> A .22 long rifle penatrates between 350 to 400 physical pages into 
> a hardcover book.
> I believe a .22 is about 15 grains or about 1 gram.
> Long rifle is high muzzel velocity (>1000fps prob closer to 2000)
> y'all get the picture...

Wow! I guess you spend a little time looking at spells and the next thing you know your trying to kill the whole book...

Actually I should have included
A Quire is 25 Sheets

20 Quires are a Ream which are 1000 written pages front and back or 250 Signatures.

Neat huh?


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