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(TFT) ?

> I was given a room FULL of games recently and it's proving to be quite
> insprational.

You know what?
I had a list of 17 games w/o rules.
I found every set.

I guess they feel nobodys gonna go to the trouble of making their own set of componets if they can offer an "Offical" set affordably.

Of course HT chose to take his outta the box and put it in magazines.

On the other hand we're talking about that fact thirty years later on a whole new medium.

Related to all this (vaguely), the Strat-0 folks let you have print rules OR the computer lite game. This is an example of giving away the razor to sell the blades. DCG seems to understand this princapal.



So I'm gonna speculate here.

What would "I" do if I were HT?

Well I wouldn't sweat it until I see something actually SELLING! My impressions from the tiny bit of second hand data I've seen is that HT is a business person. I'm unsure as to his actual enthusiasim for the hobby, much less TFT!

I also would not be upset with people actually playing and distributing freely there own adventures, background and other work encouraged in the "Rules". (personally I'd not be upset at the rules being distributed for resons like the Razor argument but I'm trying to think like HT and that's sketchy to assume)

Basicly this product has zip value unless it's being played and even then...

So it appears that my conclusion is that I'd actually wait until there's something to sue before I consider sueing...

Didn't something like this go down between Arnson and Gygax?

If you've got something hot then the LEAST of your worries is a law-suit. Dito if your scraping by as I can't see how it'd be in the holders intrest to supress play unless there was a pending Computer Game or some such....

just babeling folks


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