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Re: (TFT) The Wiki --> who is this rsmith?

> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Rick Smith" <rsmith@lightspeed.ca>
> Hi Jay,
>    Actually I have used a couple of email accounts
> over the years and I think that rsmith IS rick smith.

Okay I'll make sure to let you know when that stuff goes up. A couple of veteran users, yourself included, have so many new spells and monsters that they justify their own page(s) on the Wiki. I'd just hate to get it wrong and upset someone.

>    As for your style, the stream of consciousness /
> sentence fragments style you use I find hard to read
> so I often just skim your posts.  That is just me
> tho.
>    Warm regards, Rick

I hear you Rick, you ought to try living with it. lol

I've purchased a computer so as to prepare edited pages for inclussion on the Wiki. Unfortunatly it's been some time since I've last messed with machines and I'm finding there've been a few changes since 95se.
So while I get up to speed I'm posting stuff.

Frost on the coast this week.

It's gonna be a good Elk season.


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