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(TFT) Scale

Hmm... true what you say Jay, at 5 seconds per turn, people are either
fighting on downers ("Like, wow dude, I'm like, swinging here...") or the turn
represents more than enough time for merely a single blow and PCs are being
subsumed into statistics.

1 second turns would probably represent a good time frame for a single blow /

But at 1 second per turn and normal human reaction speed (to genuinely NEW
input) of 0.75 second, you have to admit that figures require time to look
around just to see things like where their friends have moved this time, or
require time to react to unexpected changes in the environment...

"The troll's club whistles by overhead, but then much to your surprise a
transparent slime falls off the ceiling. Oh, and I'm docking you a turn to
look at the slime and see it."  NOT a statement likely to endear a GM to

Pretty puzzle!  Then shouldn't GURPS / CAR WARS etc have reaction time
penalties / looking around penalties then? Yuck!

Ah, good old SFB: 1/30 of a second per turn, but the ship and crew could do
EVERYTHING in that time frame.
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