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Re: (TFT) Scale

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> From: "Craig W. Barber" <craigwbar@comcast.net>

> Hmm... true what you say Jay, at 5 seconds per turn, people are either
> fighting on downers ("Like, wow dude, I'm like, swinging here...") or the turn
> represents more than enough time for merely a single blow and PCs are being
> subsumed into statistics.

Yeah... kinda sad huh?
So part of my weak atempts to do something about it amount to the equlivent of a Zoom in/out button (3 1/4in res pp 3d) for the map.
> 1 second turns would probably represent a good time frame for a single blow /
> parry...

I think fencing is MUCH faster but that's just a guestament.

This should only be considered a tool.
> But at 1 second per turn and normal human reaction speed (to genuinely NEW
> input) of 0.75 second, you have to admit that figures require time to look
> around just to see things like where their friends have moved this time, or
> require time to react to unexpected changes in the environment...

Fox Sports North West is showing a program called "Sports Science". The first episode did a test on exactally this! Exactally!
I'll dig up the data and post asap.

> "The troll's club whistles by overhead, but then much to your surprise a
> transparent slime falls off the ceiling. Oh, and I'm docking you a turn to
> look at the slime and see it."  NOT a statement likely to endear a GM to
> players.
Actually from my standpoint it's the Player who gets to choose how closely they focus on the environment, NOT the FM. Now an NPC RUN by the FM may,of course, do anything anyone else can do, BUT ONLY FROM THE NPC'S P.O.V.
The problem however is that I've found players to try an abuse Action Time to avoid an obvious bad outcome. That's part of the babble about the rule of five aplying to Scale Actions.

> Pretty puzzle!  Then shouldn't GURPS / CAR WARS etc have reaction time
> penalties / looking around penalties then? Yuck!

Actually at this scale it works SUPRISINGLY well.
An example.

One-Thou-sand aprox= 1 second.

So three sylables per second at normal conversation.

Dex rolls to say it and IQ rolls to understand it kick in after about 6 sylables per second.

> Ah, good old SFB: 1/30 of a second per turn, but the ship and crew could do
> EVERYTHING in that time frame.
> =====

I don't wanna dig out the notebook at this point but I think I've got 1/34th of a second for a blink.
How long does it take to push a button?


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