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Re: (TFT) Scale

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> From: pvk@oz.net

> I had a great time with it, but only because I could handle it and at that
> point, I'd mastered and internalized GURPS rules so well that they were
> fast and easy. The _results_ were really fun, as long as I was GM'ing, but
> it's not the sort of thing I'd write up and expect other groups to get
> into without a GM like me.

My biggest fear.
Am I wack job for even trying this?

I actually do think the thing can be made objective enough to get off the shoulders of a single FM and still kept simple enough to be playable.

You are ABSOLUTLY right however. This is quite tricky.

Part of my approach stems from that horriable habit of mine to speculate.

This one went something like this.
(I know, sometimes I actually look at what I'm writeing and it makes me cringe but I can't do anything with it until it's typed...)

IMHO, In general, D&D was learned by playing it. Buying the rules was something you did AFTER you had played a few times.

I find this significant.


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