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Re: Re: (TFT) Scale

Yeah, 5 seconds is a long time in a fight, if the person is trained. Watch on-line fight videos, amateur or professional. There's a lot of stalking (waiting for an opening) but once the collision occurs, there's several hits in a 1-3 second period. Heck, I'm a neophyte in martial arts and I could strike someone many times in 5 seconds. Of course, a long pause might follow after the adrenaline dump and the exhaustion from chain punching- that's why we train for a 1,000 at a time in Wing Chun. ;-)

As for fencing, I suppose the timing is similar. "Waiting for an opening" could be followed by a flurry of slashes, a powerful thrust or a crushing chop- depending on style and weapon. I think if you get into this area, you stray into time-consuming-activity territory for the sake of apparent realism.

In reality, the timing shouldn't matter if you are not going to distinguish between types of attacks (weapon vs. HTH) or weapon types because it's all relative. The only time this would matter is if the time engaged in fighting somehow factors into a "regular" game time scenario event- like you're trying to beat the clock and you can only fight so long.

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