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Re: Re: (TFT) Scale

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> From: paleryder1@verizon.net
> Yeah, 5 seconds is a long time in a fight, if the person is 
> trained. Watch on-line fight videos, amateur or professional. 
> There's a lot of stalking (waiting for an opening) but once the 
> collision occurs, there's several hits in a 1-3 second period. 
> Heck, I'm a neophyte in martial arts and I could strike someone 
> many times in 5 seconds. Of course, a long pause might follow after 
> the adrenaline dump and the exhaustion from chain punching- that's 
> why we train for a 1,000 at a time in Wing Chun.  ;-)

Nice info!
Can you tell me anything about the relative force of the strikes? Like are there strikes geared more to gain space rather than do damage?

> The only time this would matter is 
> if the time engaged in fighting somehow factors into a "regular" 
> game time scenario event- like you're trying to beat the clock and 
> you can only fight so long.


This is NOT how to have combat work.
This is just a tool to help focus the story when it's appropiate.
I don't intend this in any way shape or form to be "a new combat system".

> Todd
> =====

Worth alot, thanks!


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