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Re: Re: (TFT) Scale

* Yes, most people spend most time in a fight doing something other than
actually attacking and defending constantly.

* Yes, it's reasonable to abstract that as TFT does into 5-second turns or
even longer.

* However if you look at the details of a real or cinematic combat (or one
gamed out with 1-second turns and some characters wasting a realistic
amount of time), or say, a football replay, it becomes clear that in a
situation more complex than a one-on-one duel, it is _very_ important how
much time everyone spends doing little or nothing, compared to the people
who are taking decisive rapid action (though of course those can also end
up being the people who get messed up soonest).

So if you wanted to take that into account without losing the abstraction,
you might look at letting some characters initiate more actions than
others, based on their IQ and/or talents. In TFT I think you'd want some
sort of reaction system, though - the point isn't that an alert/active
character can smack someone over and over without getting hit back - it's
that he can _avoid_ interacting with the foes who aren't keeping up with
what's going on. It's kind of like when you're able to take advantage of
winning the initiative in TFT, except it's not an organized
everyone-on-a-side kind of thing, and sometimes many people are just not
moving to engage. Sort of like if everyone had to roll IQ each turn in
order to be allowed to engage (or maybe to move more than one hex), and in
confused situations, it was a 4-die roll, and there were a talent to
reduce and/or eliminate the roll in many cases, and/or leaders could
improve the roll of some minions.

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