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Re: (TFT) Scale

On Mon, November 5, 2007 1:36 pm, Craig W. Barber wrote:
> Pretty puzzle!  Then shouldn't GURPS / CAR WARS etc have reaction time
> penalties / looking around penalties then? Yuck!

Yes. This is exactly where my GURPS house rules eventually ended up.
Characters had skill levels for Combat Sense and the communication skills
of leaders with their men were directly relevant and played out.

(e.g. Algor makes his CS roll well, so his player has full control this
turn, Bob failed his CS roll so he can only stop or continue what he was
doing last turn, and Grugg failed his CS roll badly, so he's just standing
around this turn unless he needs to react to an attack. Algor decides to
try to get Bob and Grugg to retreat to block the front door, so he rolls
on Leadership and possibly Gesture to try to communicate that...)

I had a great time with it, but only because I could handle it and at that
point, I'd mastered and internalized GURPS rules so well that they were
fast and easy. The _results_ were really fun, as long as I was GM'ing, but
it's not the sort of thing I'd write up and expect other groups to get
into without a GM like me.

> Ah, good old SFB: 1/30 of a second per turn, but the ship
>  and crew could do EVERYTHING in that time frame.

Ya. SFB's scale makes no sense, though I recall there is a Trek-no-babble
explanation somewhere that "the warp effect" makes it so the crew
experiences each turn as if it were one minute long, in which case it's
not so unreasonable (unless, maybe, your players are always spending lots
of time deciding what to do) since there is supposed to be a whole
computer-assisted crew in control.

Seems to me it all returns to the point that different players enjoy
vastly different play styles.

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