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Re: (TFT) Getting into Stores

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> From: "Kirk Woller" <kwoller@satx.rr.com>

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> But I do know that Steve basically put his games together with his
> girlfriend (Monica, I think, at least at the time) in his garage in South
> Austin and peddled them from store to store (ah, the 80s, things were so
> much simpler then).
> -Kirk

Extreamly informative.

Let's not forget conventions, especally trade shows. Your likely to be your own best hawker.

Mr. Jackson picked up the turn key for CarWars from a group I played with at... at... ahhh, Hap McConnel, Doug Merrel,... I can't remember which con in Texas it was (I missed that one. DOAH!).
My point is that these guys picked it up from Haps older brother who played the "Serious" games at Nicholson Hall at LSU (gonna give me a heart attack!) like minatures. Aparently they'd been useing these keys in naval minatures for years and years.
So there they are useing the thing and Lo!
So basicly they got a pat on the back and free product and a credit and were tickeled to get it.
And we played every SJ product down the pipe afterward.

Of course I'm happy to contribute to a public domain project but marketing sounds like a drag. I'd think MUCH better to tidy up TFT for the love of TFT and the strong hints that the project was "rushed" near the end and not compleated to plan.

Just my two Canadian cents.


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