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(TFT) Libri Atrum Senior Opus Vox

Okay so I'm reading all this new(to me) stuff in my sad attempts to compile information and it occurs to me... 

Libri Atrum Senior 
Opus Vox 
(roughly The Diary of the Dark Lord, Work of Power) 

(an excerpt) 

To daily cook their food requires power that can destroy them yet the stupified masses refuse to harness this power and instead turn away to live their lives of selfish, myopic denial. 
Surely the old stories could never be realisied in these enlightend times? Surely those evils are now things of the past? 
For such as you, these things shall never pass. 
Fear again will visit your doorstep. 
I ask more from power than a hot meal. 

Think not your actions noble. Your refusals to claim power serve only to ease my task. Your claim to hero is nothing without me for truly I tell you that a thing can not be without also its oposite, and the oposite of apathy is apathy. 
Assuredly I say that only one of vision, one of will, one of action may court such lordly power. 
Your greatest hope can serve only to delay my purpose. 
This floccipaucinihilipilipilification is compleate. 

Anyway check out a list of the materals required for construction. 

Thread and cords are spun from the blonde hair of a vestal vergin. 
The needle is of human bone and the kettle stich is of human sniew. 
To prepair the paste boil blood in skull of victim... 
The covers are bone strip and skin. 

Long gross story short 
Componets for Tome of Evil = 1 blonde holy virgin for bindings and covers. 
I've actually done the research to show this but it's a lecture on bindings that nobody wants ('cept ME! I'm a bibliophile). 

Pages for the Tome of Evil 
Yea! I get to lecture for a second. 
Remember that what we call a page typically is called a signature in bookbinding and because of the fold each signature has 2 written pages front and back. This idea got tickeled cause they actually use a bone tool for this step called, susprisingly, a 'folder'. 


"To figure the size of a book, assume that an IQ 8 spell takes 8 pages (one side only {2 signatrues, eh? eh?}) to describe, an IQ 9 spell takes 9 pages, and so on." 

Mr. Jackson also menntions that a "Page" (one side only, can't have it both ways) weighs .03kg (.12kg per signature) and bindings are figured at .5 to 1kg or more. 

A .22 long rifle penatrates between 350 to 400 physical pages into a hardcover book. 

I believe a .22 is about 15 grains or about 1 gram. 
Long rifle is high muzzel velocity (>1000fps prob closer to 2000) 

y'all get the picture... 


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