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RE: (TFT) Ideas

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> From: "Jonathan & Laura" <jlekevans@sbcglobal.net>
> Dan,
> Are you sure you have Strat-o-Matic in mind, and not (I believe) Sherco?
> Strat is solely a dice and cards based game, with cards for each player
> double-sided (one side with 3 columns -- basic; the other with 6 columns).
> Playing with the advanced cards would make predictions difficult enough that
> a market emerged for books that helped players in draft leagues determine
> which players they ought to draft.
> Jonathan
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> From:  Dan Tulloh
> With enough practice, you could get pretty good at predicting where the
> spinner would end up ... which is why dice are better at those kind of
> games.
> Dan

Okay guys, sorry.
I know that this is the TFT list so I'm not trying to "reminese" about other games. I'm trying to note coralaries.

Player Cards = Character Sheets

Defense and Offence ought to be obvious.

Much more...

Mainly look at the mechanics.

This is BASICLY a guess 50/50 system. Guess wrong use the BAD CRT, guess correctly and grt the GOOD CRT.

If your trying to keep your "bad booty" PC effective at larger Scales w/o resorting to methods like calling a Hero 25 Joes and a Super-Hero 50 Joes and etc. then this AT LEAST gives you a chance to pick a favorable CRT.

Jay still can't translate well into english but it's getting better...

I'm making a HARD effort on the Wiki not to "stream of conciousness" write.

Some of y'all have MUCH more tallent at that.

I'm trying to improve however.

Plus some of my Ideas don't suck even if I'm not eloquent in putting them across.

"I" am my biggest fan and I consider this important for my personal stuff...

I'm awfully strange.


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