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Re: (TFT) Scale

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> From: "Craig W. Barber" <craigwbar@comcast.net>
> "The troll's club whistles by overhead, but then much to your surprise a
> transparent slime falls off the ceiling. Oh, and I'm docking you a turn to
> look at the slime and see it."  NOT a statement likely to endear a GM to
> players.

Mr. Barber this is DEEP!

What I think is important here is the timing of this encounter.

Is this the climax of a hard-fought battle to reach a goal or did this encounter appear on the "random encounter tables"?

Random tables really piss me off (sorry guys but I'm serious here).

There is no "DEPTH" to random tables.

All that is telling me is "As a product, we are only providing you with strange names for the NPCs and days of the week, etc. and you should make this thing fun through the strength of your personallity. If you can do that, who needs rules?"

Did I mention that I'm lazy?

If we give them rules to build then maybe they won't focus on killing?

Am I too odd?

I like to think that I'm matureing.

Of course THAT'S not the case!



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