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(TFT) Lifes little lessons...

I think I mentioned that the munchkins what I sit with sometimes got Guitar Hero?

I got draged into playing last night.

Well the kids were all sitting on the couch. Eyes squenched. Concentrating. Just trying to get it perfect.

I picked "The Seaker".

I stood up.

I did my best (awful) imatation of Towsend compleate with full arm spin druing 'star power'.

I did rotten. 73%

Those kids will never play that game the same again.

I'm not claiming to be inovative here, it's more like when a teacher ask the class,
"Are there any questions?"
No one wants to ask the frist question  but once that tension is broken other, more timid sheep will speak up.

I did a stay awake loop and it seems to have takin me to a dark place.
Perhaps I should get some sleep?
I am aparently loosing grip with the minute amount of sanity that I could honestly attempt to claim to possess.
Yet I JUST finished brewing a pot of coffee...
Only one day left...
Wanna put something of MINE on the Wiki...
Just figured out how to post those pictures.

This could be intresting.


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