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Re: Re: (TFT) Scale - Abstraction in Combat - 1- Timing

John wrote:

"Now at the abstraction level, Melee handles the whole weapon speed thing with St and Dx. At its simplest, your strength determines how big (and slow) a weapon you swing, and whats left (Dx) determines how frequently you hit your opponent  effectively abstracting away the fact that a rapier strikes more frequently than a claymore does, by having the rules support the rapier hitting more frequently."

I don't mind the TFT abstraction at all. I'm not sure I agree with your statement above. If I have a DX of 12, I hit just as often regardless of which weapon I use. The ST determines the amount of damage by given heavier and slow weapons more damage. Unless you're under ST, your DX will not be affected. I suppose any given character must make the ST vs. DX (and IQ) trade off as you progress so this does affect play in a way if two combatants are of the same overall attributes and chose differently with one choose lower ST (rapier) with higher DX while the other chooses the opposite.

In theory, the "faster" guy with the "faster" weapon should be able to get more licks in. I recall the battle in the move Rob Roy where the bad guy was using the rapier and was carving up Rob Roy. Rob's almost dead and gets one hit with the claymore and cleaves the guy in two. The both didn't swing the same number of times, the relative weapon damage IN THAT FIGHT determined the outcome. In TFT terms, the rapier guy could have had more chances at a critical strike. In the movie, you get the impression that the rapier guy was toying with Rob Roy. Had he thrust him through with the rapier, instead of scratching him for fun, the fight would have been over sooner. I recall that military swordsman of the day had some disdain for the rapier duels- they saw it as suicide.

D&D gets a little comlicated with its method of addressing weapon speed and I wouldn't want that. It would be interesting to see how fights come out if faster weapons get more hits. Perhaps weapons could affect the adjDX with a plus or minus modifier. Any weapon modifier for speed that would affect adjDX for determination of order of attack should not affect the ability to attack.

So, I think it's an interesting topic but I agree that you do have to draw the line somewhere for playability.

Todd =====
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