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Re: (TFT) Two useful tidbits

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> From: "Marc Gacy" <marcgacy@earthlink.net>
> Hi all!

Ola again!

> I was intrigued by the "Square hexes" discussion and I wanted to 
> see how well they work.
> The fruit of efforts can be found here: 
> http://home.earthlink.net/~marcgacy/TFT/
> There are two files, one with square hexes in 1 inch and one in 0.75 inch.
> They are PowerPoint files right now, but I could make them PDFs as well.

Okay just an observation.
When dealing with hexes (triangles) the orentation is IMPORTANT! I arange them the other way. I put the sides aranged North to West and the vertices East to West.
This makes quite a diffrence.
Please ask for the map files if your intrested in seeing what I'm typeing about.

> Also, in the spirit of the TFT index, I made a comprehensive 
> Fantasy Trip Table of Contents.
> I arranged it as I figured it would have been arranged as if it were one book.
> It's not perfect, I tried to match the heading styles exactly, but 
> that wasn't always feasible (as it seemed that sometimes they were 
> flat out wrong) and I didn't always include deep headings. I think 
> it actually works pretty well, despite my tinkering.
> I did this to make it easier to use the books and also to be a 
> springboard for any "plain-language" efforts, as basically a list 
> of what needs to be included (but not necessarily using that 
> structure).

Okay as of today (13th Dec '07) I have what I'm calling "PLAIN TEXT TFT" over 1/3rd compleate.
This effort was inspired by two factors.
1st your effort at a TOC.
2nd by the following appearing lately on the Web;


This is not the only example but IMHO now sites are CHARGING for these files then I am okay with making the following offer.

"PLAIN TEXT TFT" is the The Fantasy Trip 'Advanced' Rules in ANSI.
Included is (of course) your wonderful Table Of Contents, Chris Nicole's Marvolus Indexes and Spell/Talent lists, Steve Jacksons SG Eratta, and the Cidri Gazette compiled by the Vet's on this list (I believe).


I don't own a machine capable of doing OCR well.
An example;

Following are the cotnnxnuly.kminu ~pclls awalable to viutdt. For ouch ape1, the following Information us glIeu:
turn., type (Thrown, MI.Be, Creation, or ~,cchl); effect produced by the spell; and sr coat to caat the spdl and (if it Is a continuiiig4ype spell) to keep it in opuathon on mdi gtcceuU,c turn. Remember that the colt to keep a thrown spcli in operation it bated on a I-hex fiayre; a 2-hex fin.. costs twice at mudt, and so on. Sec Melee or Advanced Melee for explanation of combat uses.
STAFF CS): This b us mud to make any piece of wood auto a stafL
iL.	~ coituS.
b!L5 ~ A wiwa,d does not HAVE to have a staff. If he wmutt ~. he ~/ ~b~b r mud kmoW the Staff qdl to UmU OUt. 110 would DOES NOT
	amtc the staff duuittg the g	(except to rephce a br*en one).
If he knows the Staff spd, he STARTS with a staff, without cx~t?b~ peadhg any ST to ueata it.

Rcprdleu of what the staff Io~s Ike (rod, wand. qtusterstaff. etc.), it it a phydcel weapon wbith do oar die of damage when the visaed tIlts with it. Iflttl~ with the staff it heated hut as tho.~ the wiiard west a flgbtm uau~ a odto weapon. It cods the visaed urn ST to Urte wtdt his staff;lt uaotdrawbigltip@WU
from trim.
Avisaed who has a staff may keep it I. lund at aD tta., even when hr i~ mst~ qeIs it glum him no aduabp w diudvantage.
Astaff CAN be affected by. [hop Weapon oe im~ Weapon spd.
If anyone othw U.. the em of. gtaff pi*s it up apimU the ownubs wiN, it explodes, dohtg the fed who tended It 3 dice

MAGIC FIST (hi): A tetd~taetfr blow. Does (1 -2) da~ fm eymy 1y~4iST poJat toed to oat it an also trbes traps w airy out othm
<b~ ~	uu.abde tuldpudations vet~ ham of tight. A Magic Fist that does
	6 og bmmxc hits BEFORE arctMthld protection wE trip its target
	wrists he/the makes b" 3-~ roE caSt mx DX. wbichebu is higher.
BLUR (T): Ddomdue upoN. ~a sdject hard~ to ueeIhmI.mk Subtracts 4 Ito., DX of aN athd~ftpeIs aied ndjecL Coats 1 ST to oat. and 1 mmmxx STuck toe. thmuflm unti tuned off.
SLOW MOVEMENf (1): Halves vidlis MA foe 4 IWL Stow qm~
~,,, -Ide NOT multiply. bust DO add. Two dow upoN. do NOT reduce a ~icdm to Va speed; they keep trim at Va spent twice as loq. Coat:
	2 ST.

Now I am NO typist.
Does anyone have a decent OCR version of AM or AW?
Else if I'll keep plugging away...

Unless someone wants' to help?

Else if just E-mail me and let me know if anyone cares about a plain text Doc we can all edit simply...
> Let me know what you think and enjoy!

I think it's a great effort!
If nobody else gets it "I'll" still make use of it!

> - Marc
> =====


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Viv Savage
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