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(TFT) Merry Christmas to the LIST!

Happy Holidays one and all!
Here's hopeing you and yours find 2008 to be a year to remember fondly.

By way of offering a couple of presents under the Lists "tree" please take a look at this.

On the WIKI Mr. Gacy has provided us with a Master Table of Contents. Please see
for a nicely formated version of the TOC in Word.

Anyone who has been keeping and eye on the WIKI may have noticed it's been posted there on the Sidebar.

My idea here is to use this as a framework to tie some of the posts together. It works something like this;


5. Apes 61 

a. Great Ape 61 

b. Baboon 61 

c. Chimpanzee 61 

d. Monkey 61 

6. Slinker 62 

7. Dragonet 62 

8. Trained Animals 62 http://tft.brainiac.com/archive/0206/msg00066.html 

F. Giant Insects and other crawlies 63 

1. Stone Beetle 63 


In this manner I hope to have posts that reference specific rules from the List more easily acessable.
Hopefuly this will make the information easier to use.

Also some of you may be intrested in the Document I've babbled a bit about, "PLAIN TEXT TFT".
I am now taking requests @
There is curently no new materal from the list included and the thing is in rough shape in places, (mainly tables but page breaks can make reading odd in spots as well) but it's compleate enough to consider as a "Beta".
Besides, it's in ANSI for ease of editing.
I've loaded the text on my '84 Macintosh.

I'm doing it this way for a few reasons but the main one is because I'm cheap and don't want the expense of maintaining a web site.
This is a freely distributed file. I will save the e-mail addresses of where I send it so that if the copyright holder gets upset I can show him/her how much I owe them (i.e. probably how much they will sue me for lol). This precaution is out of respect to the copyright and NOTHING will be done with this information unless it is needed to show the volume of my activity to either the holder or a court of law. Sorry bout that, but at least I'm not asking money to cover my "expenses" LOL.
My intensions for this Document is to add the new Spells, Monsters and etc. from the List and add suggested rules changes in the 'Optional Rules' section. 
Finaly the thing checks in at just under 1meg. If you'd prefer it to come as a compressed file then 
let me know.

These projects are, of course, on-going and will evolve considerably over time.

So there it is, a little gift or two for the list in honor of Festivus. (Before the 'Feats of Strength' there is the 'Airing of the Greivances'.)

Jay Carlisle

P.S. Comming Jan '08 I'm gonna start putting MY stuff out there.
Anyone one the left side of the mountains (facing north) can catch me at the following conventions in '08.
Feb. 15-18: Orccon 2008 - Los Angeles, CA

Feb. 23-24: Dak-Kon - Courtenay, British Columbia

Mar. 28-30: GameStorm 10 - Portland, OR

Sept. 27-28: Aurora-Con - Anchorage, Alaska
Catch ME running games or drop by our dealer table (GOMANDI Games) and let me know how to look you up if you plan on attending any of these events.

Anyhoo, enjoy the last couple of weeks of TFT's 30th year and happy gameing to all in 2008!

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