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Re: (TFT) Square hexes and Plain language TFT

Aparently many more E-mail addresses have changed apart from mine!

>From the number of permission E-mails that I've sent that got bounced I'd say that's ALOT of us.

Okay I'm VERY close to the standard rules in ANSI.
The next step is to add the basic new info from the WIKI, stuff like homebrew spells and monsters.

If ANYONE who is monoitering this list has ANY objection to having their work included in a compilation Doc. then please contact me personally.


Also please let me know if I should credit you in a specific manner.

Basicly if you have posted ANYTHING on this list and haven't recieved a permission request from me then PLEASE let me know if you object to my useing your materal in this complation.

Oh it's not for myself but to be released free for the asking. No money or profit from other folks work. This is specifically permission for "PLAIN TEXT TFT" omly.
Nothing else.

Just to be clear.


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