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Re: (TFT) Square hexes and Plain language TFT

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> From: "Craig W. Barber" <craigwbar@comcast.net>
> Wow, someone put the idea out 15 years ago?  Definitely "prior art"!   How did
> Mr. G. do the square hexes?

If you go to
I actually managed to get bad quality images up last night.
The one at the bottom of the page is called HO Points.

So as "I" recall.....

James Taylor
Let It All Fall Down
"...Well the sea is jumping salty and the porpoise has the blues,
my recollection's faulty and I cannot find my shoes.
And my wiring is misfiring due to cigarettes and booze,
I'm behind in my dues, I just now got the news.

...,so David Grouchy started talking about HO scale as pertains to model trains.
I think it had to do with pretty presentation with scale models as well as detail but Grouch has always been somewhat Wiggin'esque in his theory.
I mean where Einstine 'hardly recognized' Specal Relitivity once the mathmaticions were done with it, Wiggin, who started M theory, is widely reguareded as the only person to fully understand it.
So this topic would bounce around occasionally but if anyone had anything solid on it at the time it would have been David.
The pic on the Wiki is my attempt at an answer to an intresting question but YEARS after the fact.

I'll try to get to a Wiki for the history of this concept on the list tonight. I'll post to the list when it's up.

> Law: Still say that the only 100% protection is to write new rules using the
> same mechanics, not try to "transliterate".  I'm thinking along those lines
> myself.  In my copious free time... right...

I'm not trying to circumvent or anything like that.
I just don't wanna re-invent the wheal over and over.
NOR do I wish to lock into a "Buy the amazing new gaming system GRIPES from GOMANDI Games for the low, low price of (as much as I can get) and you'll automaticly recieve 2 supliments free from our boatload of supliments. Each month therafter you will continue to recieve 2 supliments at regular price weather you want it or not. Shut up. Go away."

By the time the tweaks are made, new stuff added, and Cidri stuff pulled out you might see it diffrently.

Oh and I say Cidri stuff pulled because this is generic. I don't care about Cidri. This is a subset of MY World.
My World doesn't exist within Cidri.
Since you have abandoned you creation Mr. Jackson other have asrisen to take up the mantels of power and I'm one of 'em.
And guess what?
I'm marshaling my forces for an asault on GURPS.
Nothing personal.
Just G.O.D. stuff.

> Craig B

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