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Re: (TFT) Square hexes and Plain language TFT

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> From: "Marc Gacy" <marcgacy@earthlink.net>

> > Okay just an observation.
> > When dealing with hexes (triangles) the orentation is IMPORTANT! 
> > I arange them the other way. I put the sides >aranged North to South and the vertices East to West.
> > This makes quite a diffrence.
> > Please ask for the map files if your intrested in seeing what I'm 
> > typeing about.

> Actually, by providing examples of both the 6 hex MH and the 7 hex 
> MH at intersections and corners, orientation, order, etc. are not 
> issues, unless there's something I'm missing. So sure, I'd like to 
> see what you have!

I think I'm getting what your talking about here.
Sometimes I get locked into a thought too much.
However I'll send a couple of files that might make things a bit clearer as far as what I'm referencing.
By tesalating the way I did with the shape I did I have a couple of advantages.

1; 10 hexes to the east/west is equal to 10 hexes north/south. Of course the deformation is ne/sw and nw/se. It equals 1 square per hex or 15 hexes ne,nw,se,sw per every 16 hexes N,S,E,W.
The Melee battle map was 10.5 hexes E/W, by 7 hexes N/S, by 15 hexes nw/se.

2; The area of these hexes can be increased by an order of 5 without rotation or deformation. This makes scaleing up geometricly MUCH simpiler. I use a tech-tree so as newer, better weapons become available to players old spacial scales are no longer as useful.
> If you start with one room as a "seed", the choice of which pieces 
> come next becomes straightforward.

This is a WONDERFUL idea and it fits beautifully with the Lords of the Underearth / Strat-o-matic bit I've been playing with.

> I really like the idea of drawing a map with 10 ft squares and 
> being able to translate it directly into 3 1/3 ft hexes for TFT and 
> the original concept for "square hexes" was just what I needed.

I'd heard the idea over a decade and a half ago from Mr. Grouchy of this list.
Also it seems that Mr. Barber (also of this list) and others had much the same concept independantly as well.
Great minds think alike! (Sorry Mr. Barber I'z complementing myself at YOUR expense. LOL)

> >
> > "PLAIN TEXT TFT" is the The Fantasy Trip 'Advanced' Rules in ANSI.
> By "Plain text", do you mean a word-for-word text-only version, or 
> do you mean "plain language" where the rules are rewritten to be 
> "legitimate"?

By "PLAIN TEXT TFT" I mean the word-for-word text-only version.
However it is in ANSI, has a revised TOC, an Index and is a single Doc. This is a large step towards "legitimate" IMHO.
This also allows for simple inclusion of additional materal like spells and critters from the list.
Add enough additional systems like mass combat and you just might be knocking on the door of 

'"plain language" where the rules are rewritten to be "legitimate"?'

> Slow progress is better than no progress at all!
> Keep plugging!
> - Marc

You got it!
This ain't my only iron in the fire so to speak.
I've just about finished that bit for George.
Harder than I antipated. Especally the BALANCE!
But now newbies can pick it up and make it work so I must be doing SOMETHING right!


P.S. If you need any help with your WIKI efforts let me know! I'm thinking of putting up a "template" page if anyone else gets into editing. And an FAQ, and a.............

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