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Re: (TFT) Fun with Gate technology

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> From: pvk@oz.net
> http://www.kongregate.com/games/Dragy/portal-the-flash-version
> PvK


Reminds me vaguely of Lode Runner.

Have you seen;
a building game?

Other minutia from this morning.
R.I.P. Alex
I found this out doing some work on a deffinition of 1pt IQ.

Also for Monster Concepts on the Wiki I came across this;

Magic Words, from a Netsilik shaman, Nalungiaq (as recorded in Jerome Rothenbergs Shaking the Pumpkin and in Robert Blys News of the Universe), reproduced here from Blys anthology:

"In the very earliest time,
when both people and animals lived on earth,
a person could become an animal if he wanted to
and an animal could become a human being.
Sometimes they were people
and sometimes animals
and there was no difference.
All spoke the same language.
That was the time when words were like magic.
The human mind had mysterious powers.
A word spoken by chance
might have strange consequences.
It would suddenly come alive
and what people wanted to happen could happen
all you had to do was say it.
Nobody can explain this:
Thats the way it was."

So I guess I could play a Dragon back THEN...

Really nifty anyway IMO.

Oh well, back too it then.


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