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Re: (TFT) Fun with Gate technology

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> From: pvk@oz.net
> >>
> >> Here's a free 2D Flash game based on a non-free Valve 3D game, which
> >> involves playing with Gate technology. :-)
> http://www.kongregate.com/games/Dragy/portal-the-flash-version
> PvK

Well crud!

Gates viewed THIS way is basicly like
my way through a dungon.

Where am I gonna put my stuff NOW?

Wait a sec, what were those 'no gate' walls made out of?
Seems reasonable, wouldn't you think?
How thick? Will a foil do?

Dosen't stuff like this and Wizards having a hard time with the stuff sugest that Iron is a POWERFUL component?

When having dinner at someone's house, do you ever refrain from jumping on the table and exposing yourself mearely to avoid being thrown out?

Maybe we could call it Starheart?


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