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Re: (TFT) Image test

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> From: "Joe Hartley" <jh@brainiac.com>
> On Tue, 18 Dec 2007 11:00:08 +0800
> "Jay Carlisle" <selfinflicted_wounds@boardermail.com> wrote:
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The Sorry is mine Sir.

I was playing around with Images on the Wiki and sometimes my aproaches are "unconventional".

I didn't deem this worthy of bugging you with.

No harm intended!

I did finally get it sused.
It's certantly obvious that I'm not the best person to be attempting this stuf.
It's seems obvious to me that I may be the only person with the time to be attempting this stuff.

I suspose you take what you can get?

"You and your best friend are expolring a remote jungle. One day you are captured by an unknown tribe of natives, who take you to their princess, a beautiful blonde. You fall madly in love with her. Meanwhile your friend builds a dirigible from vines and bamboo. You escape and, after many adventures involving prehistoric beasts and giant gorillias, manage to reach civilization. Should the jungle princess get a percentage of the screen rights? What about points? Assuning you have casting approval, who do you see as the princess?
Tom Weller PS. D.

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