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RE: (TFT) Exp

---- David Michael Grouchy II wrote: 

> ''. . . the medical techniques of 371 worlds made old age merely a
> measure of experience.''
> ''Reptile Men, Elves, Giants, and Centaurs are very long-lived. 
> Double all the above ages for them.''
> -ITL page 32, AGING
> Comparing these two sentences I feel the answer presents itself 
> rather clearly. The experience penalty of those races is offset by 
> their long lives.  It would seem logical then, that a short lived race
> would do the opposite.

I've always been bothered by this ... a long-lived race somehow
learns slower?  Ugh.  

Clearly, the attempt was to try and avoid the possibility of a long-
lived character attaining ultra-high attribute levels.  This is just
another indication (to my mind) of how the TFT experience system
is badly broken.

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