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(TFT) It's just me.

I think therefore I am, applies to me, not you.

Okay, it appears to me that GM defined in the traditional way could be equated to "the Man".
You know, "always keeping a brother down".

They are mentioned
in this section not because they make good characters - but
because they do not. The reason:
The power and experience of a Mnoren make him effectively
immortal. If a Mnoren is attacked, you may be sure that
he will have been aware of hostile intentions as soon as they
were formed - and he will certainly have magical, physical,
and technological defenses. Furthermore, he will use them in
a way that will not reveal his true identity. If you and your
friends set upon a lone traveller at dusk, and you all wake up
in a ditch the next morning, that traveller might have been a
Mnoren - or just a powerful wizard or a master of martial arts.
You'll never know, so it doesn't matter.
Therefore, Mnoren are not redly suitable as characters for
players or (except possibly in special circumstances) for GMs.

A god is a tremendously powerful creature, having various
supernatural abilities. Active play of gods (or even demi-gods)
is to be discouraged for the same reason that Mnoren don't
make good characters. With a god around, what can poor mortals
GMs who feel that they must introduce gods should tread
very carefully.

Apotheosis is the process of becoming a god.
In game terms, this means that a GM might occasionally
choose to let a deceased player-character hero-type return as
a GM character - with doubled ST, and increased DX and IQ
- as a supernatural righter of wrongs and defender of the
weak, appearing only when a deus ex machina is required.
GMs favoring an entirely "rational" world will want to avoid
this entirely, and nobody should overdo it. Again: an overabundance
of gods makes your human characters meaningless.

My human characters meaningless?
Imortial is bad?
You say they are unplayable with NO concreate example offered and then mention Apotheosis?

I ain't fooled Mr. Jackson.

Just exactaly who IS the GM?
In the gameworld?
Is there a Sheet reprensentation of him or is he considered some "cosmic force" like mother nature?
Even if this is the view, that dosn't mean that the embodyment of ma nature isn't sitting in front of some screan somewhere, pecking away in some alternate diminsion.
So assuming I could get to the GMs diminsion from the game do we then use a sheet representation?
Or do we go with Killer?
"MY" worlds notes are scattered around several rooms of the house right now.
As I recall C.O.S.M.E.L. was 1.5m * 10^x where x was the scale one was considering.
(I adjusted slightly to 1.3m * 10^x but you get the idea.)
So COSMEL can be adjusted down to pages or even alphanumeric characters. Focus on the proper dimension/webpage and.....

Now is this Mnoren stuff or is it more G.O.D. like?


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