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RE: (TFT) Law

>What do I find?

If you are in a place yourcharacter would know well, like say "Douglaston" the town at the heart of my current game, where many of the PCs grew up, then I would answer your questions as it is stuff you'd be likely to know.  If you are newto the locale, you'd have to ask around, and depending who you asked you'd get different answers.

And I am all for influencing the law.

Way back whe I was a player, we found ourselves in a fairly major city, and one of the party was arrested for a crime they did not commit.  After giving some thoughtto a daring (but probably suicidal) jailbreak, I started to ask someof the same questions you list, and found out who was the most expensive defense attorney in the city.  As a big honkingg lizard man I was able to get in to see him despite the protestations of his staff.  I toldhim I wanted my friend to be released,and gave him a crystal ball as payment.  

Enough money can solve the problem.


----- "Jay Carlisle" wrote:-----------------------------------
Okay there is the Player view and the GM view.

>From the Player view I'm asking questions like; 
"Who are the Judges in this place?"
"Where do they live and work?"
"How does one become a Judge?"
"What are a Judges dutys?"
"What is the Law in this place?"
"Who/whom makes the Law(s) in this place?"

Depending on my character, I may attempt actions like New Follower, kidnapping, bribery, legislation, or even election to influence the Law. 
This can be considered one of those "I start digging, what do I find?" actions, except "I'm" digging in the direction of the "Law" in your game.

What do I find?

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