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RE: (TFT) Law

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> From: "John J Hyland" <johnnyboytmm@juno.com>
> > What do I find?
> If you are in a place your character would know well, like say 
> "Douglaston" the town at the heart of my current game, where many 
> of the PCs grew up, then I would answer your questions as it is 
> stuff you'd be likely to know.

> If you are new to the locale, you'd 
> have to ask around, and depending who you asked you'd get different 
> answers.

I agree fully.
I would like to point out that even if they were in a town they had never visited before, but it was of the same culture as the one they grew up in, then they'd know the basics of the system such as there HAS to be a Sheriff in town SOMEWHERE.
Of course if they are in a town of a diffrent culture things can get diceie real quick.

"Why are you dressed like that?"
"And what's in that big red bag on your shoulder?"
"But Burghermiester Mister Burgher has declaired all toys illegal!"

And so it goes.

> And I am all for influencing the law.
> Way back whe I was a player, we found ourselves in a fairly major 
> city, and one of the party was arrested for a crime they did not 
> commit.  After giving some thought to a daring (but probably 
> suicidal) jailbreak, I started to ask some of the same questions you 
> list, and found out who was the most expensive defense attorney in 
> the city.  As a big honkingg lizard man I was able to get in to see 
> him despite the protestations of his staff.  I told him I wanted my 
> friend to be released,and gave him a crystal ball as payment.
> Enough money can solve the problem.
> John

Great Story!

I tweaked Chrisima in my game by adding;

"A friendship roll may NOT be attempted during formal ceramoines of any kind."

I did this because once you hand that character over to another player, everybody at the table gets a bingo moment.

I also set up a deep beauracracy around powerful characters to keep them away from that kind of thing.
Just the kind of thing you had to stomp through.

Of course I'd think that wouldn't work with a REALLY important figure...


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