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RE: (TFT) Building


These are spot on!


Have to share a weird thought with you.

I'm playing with character gen. thinking,
"This is beautiful. Instead of having to generate EVERY figure in a region before hand, I simply have to know how many times can I press the create new button so to speak. i.e. the population."

Oops, this one died.
What are the options?
Revival of course, but...
The Guilds outta St?
Aw, Maannnnnn...

Okay well I'll just press new and...
I have to bury him?!?

Why do that?

Hell, throw 'em in a paupers grave. Don't cost nothing.

So la la la, I keep playing.

This bugged me.

I mean this BUGGED me.


You know I'll bet you it don't cost nothing because there's not a "Cryptkeeper" listed on the Job Table for the potters field.
I'll bet you as soon as the sun goes down every Wizards Igor is at the place.
How many human componets again?

"If I only had a Brain"

So the population of the region (-1) is the largest spell that can be cast in the region (assume isolation, like Cidri does).
Oh yes, also assume that all those Brains can be distilled down to an essence that was consumable within ?turns.
I don't have notes with me.
Oh wait, yes I do!
Plain Text!
Oh, wait a sec TFT AWpg 24 says only 3 IQ per day.
Fine it's my world and I say if we're gonna pull the rule of five outta,..... air, then let's stay consistant with it so I say 5.
Five it is and thus dies my dream of the Mad Necromancer's hord of Zombies whos' only job is to seek and find him more Brains, BRAINS!
I put up what logical fight I could but the rules we're too much for me on that point.

I LOVE this game!

Anyway, can you see my point!?!?


I've been up WAY too long messing with;
It seems I'm a bit loopy


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