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Re: (TFT) Jay needs to use FireFox II

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> From: "Cris Fuhrman" <fuhrmanator@gmail.com>
> Hi Jay,


> Installing FF 2 would have taken less time than it took to type that email
> :-)

True, this is true.

Of course THIS isn't MY computer

When I started this back in the summer I was working from notebooks (11 of 'em) and a stack of assorted cokctail napkins, store recepts, fast food bags or what ever scrap of paper is to hand when the "fever" strikes me.

It was that note habbit I started that got me.

I was asked to house sit for a couple of weeks and take care of a managery.
HighSpeed had made it down Hwy 30 along the Colombia river and I had LOTS of time on my hands.

Remember the News Radio where Beth replaces Bill's sandwich machine with a Stargate Defender machine?

"Hello my old nemisis."

So I decided to take the oportunity to try and get some notes consolidated.

Then I got to thinking, (always a bad sign)
"Jay, why are you doing this?"

It'd been a couple of three years since I'd last played ANYTHING, why not let it go?

Aie there's the rub!

For whatever reason/s I can't/won't/don't wanna.


Then like Connory in The Untouchables,
"What are you perpaired to do?"

Well I guess I could make a game. gomandi.

That's fine, you've always said you wanted to, but what about the stuff that isn't yours?
SJ made his own when HE didn't like what was out there.

Well yeah but it's not fair he get's St, Dx & IQ.

He dosn't Jay, the math belongs to everybody, it's the style with which you cover the Math that belongs to the copyright.


Just have another beer and listen.
The TFT stuff is someone else's world, you've got MORE than enough of your own stuff for what your contomplating, so give the TFT work back to TFT.
Plus if you base your concepts off TFT, then it can't hurt to try and continue intrest in it. Pass it forward so to speak.

Duh, yeah. Okay. 

> BTW, I grew up in West Virginia and learned French well enough to teach in
> that language. I rely heavily on spelling aids in both languages.

October Skys!

I grew up in Louisiana so I can say, let the good times roll, and show me your ___ .
If I knew more French nouns that phrase would be more useful to me...

> I'm hoping that my comment doesn't cut your enthusiasm because it's great to
> see that!

I KNEW I was going to look stupid coming into this.

I like to call my methods "unconventional".

Let's face it I can be straight OUT THERE some/alot of times.

How did it go?

A man who seeks wisdom must appear ignorant and foolish before others.

Something like that?

I knew coming into it.

However if I wait till my skills are more professional then it'll NEVER get done.
.Jar files
Where did that come from?
I'm trying to pick up some math and, < poof >!
Where has the computer industry gone?

So you run and you run to catch up with the Sun but it's sinking...

In other words I "CAN'T" wait until I'm more professional. I can only do the best I can, warts, farts and all.
I expect to get critized, I HOPE to be!
Sure alot of this stuff is half-baked, I don't have an oven right now which translates to > 50,000 total pop Clatsop County, OR. and due to issues concerning ideas about the gamers contract that I have, I am not curently running any playtesting.
I'm in monastic mode currently and on quite the roll.
The only person who can stop me now is me.
I'll take on followers/playtesters when I've got time to spend psycie wise.
I'm not meaning to be arogant with this, although it probably is, but I've BEEN to conventions and the thought of an open playtest call in a place this small scares the shit outta me.
Of course I am probably example numero uno of what I am talking about here.

I think that last sentence is recursive.

Sometimes even I don't understand me.

> Happy holidays,
> Cris

Hope yours are going GREAT!


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