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RE: (TFT)What happend to the Mnoren?

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> From: Neil Gilmore
> Quoting Jay Carlisle
> > Maybe it's just smoke up my postierior, I don't know.
> > I just think the dynamics of the system can be set to "generate" 
> > good stories through interaction.

> Neil Gilmore's reply;
> Well, these two go together. The system cannot generate 'good' 
> stories, or any stories at all (even in
> Traveller character generation). Foremost, there is no accepted definition of
> 'good'. They system is irrelevant to 'good' stories. Regardless of 
> the system, its the players and game master who generate 'good'
> stories. Nothing else matters.

Okay Neil,

I can deffintly see your point.
I'm not claiming to have the secret to "interativity" in games.
I don't think we even have a good definition for what interactivity means in an objective since that we can all aggree/settel on.

How can a game be universal if the terms are undefined?

How can I go to the reference materal for data and apply this directly into game terms if 1pt dam is amorphious?

SJ didn't have the access to data three decades ago that we have now. I'd guess there are younger folkes on this list who've never know life w/o all these little gadgets that suround us now.
I'z born in 1968.
That makes me older than alot of the little things that I take for granted.
(U.S. boy here so TIFWIW)
Big Mac's, Digital Watches, Pocket Calculators...

It's the LITTLE things that intrest me.

The big ones are obvious.

There was some comedian, "back in the day", that used to do a bit about our generation when we get old.

Kids: "What's that noise old man?"
Us: "Shut the * up! That's the 'Who' and their * awsome!"

What a minunet!

What the * am I talking about?


{{{ This is me on the meta-level I consider MYSELF. I swear if I tried to read the crap I write I'd go nuts. Through the babble, however, I sometimes manage to get an idea DOWN in a format that I can later cut and paste.
The jist is that I can tweak the data I need outt the crap I type.
I just figure that if ya gotta type it anyway, ya might as well have fun with it.

I'm not SCARED of the wasted text.

"I'm" showing as much of my process as I can "warts", "farts", and all.

Ridicule me as you will by showing how "you can do it better".

I don't care about what you think of me.

I care about what you think of TFT.

My methods are myriad.

I'm GONNA bug you till you either acquiece to MY storyworld, or you counter me with something better.

Either way, TFT wins.


I know you wont take this the wrong way or I wouldn't even mention this, but I got a Christmas present last night that was a bumper sticker that says "I'm not mean, your stupid!"


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