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RE: (TFT)What happend to the Mnoren?

I thought we decided the Mnoren started hiding due to inertial gate
wars... ;-)

On Fri, December 21, 2007 3:38 pm, Jay Carlisle wrote:
> How can a game be universal if the terms are undefined?

I dunno, since universal would be another undefined term.
But perhaps, it can be universally weakly defined.
Is any definition perfectly defined?
What defines whether one definition is better than another?

> How can I go to the reference materal for data and apply this directly
> into game terms if 1pt dam is amorphious?

Seems to me TFT sort of defines "1 pt dam" as the amount of injury
necessary to kill an average rat, or 1/10 the injury needed to kill the
average adult human male.

> What a minunet!
> What the * am I talking about?


> {{{ This is me on the meta-level I consider MYSELF. I swear if I tried to
> read the crap I write I'd go nuts.
> I'm not SCARED of the wasted text.

LOL! I love it.

> I care about what you think of TFT.

Thank you. :-)

Merry Orcmas!
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